Tri-Q Tabletop Game

Tri-Q Tabletop Game
  • Tri-Q Tabletop Game
  • Tri-Q Tabletop Game
  • $60.00

Test your IQ with Tri-Q!


End up with as few marbles as possible.

To Play:

Populate one triangle with all marbles leaving one

space of your choosing open.

Jump one marble over another, into an empty

space, and remove the marble that was jumped


As you remove marbles place them in the conjoining

triangle to make replay quicker.

Keep jumping until only one marble is left.

You may only jump in a straight line.

IQ Level:

Leave one marble: Really smart.

Leave two marbles: Sorta smart.

Leave three marbles: Um, keep trying.

Leave four or more marbles: Keep that to yourself.


Walnut board, CNC routered, laser engraved, steel

balls, cork pads.

Dim: 6.5” x 12” x 0.75” Balls: 5/8”

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